Friday, May 1, 2009

Leopard's Bane

My Leopard's Bane is blooming now.  My plant is over 20 years old.  I love it and wish it bloomed longer.  The end of this summer I will be splitting it up and spreading it out to border more of the flower bed.

Here is a little information about Leopard's Bane.

Common name: "Leopard's Bane"
Latin name:
Doronicum orientale 'Magnificum'

 Zone: 5 - 8
Elevation to:
Growth habit:
Mat forming
Max height:
18" - 24"
Spread: 36"
Flowers: Yes, April - May
Flower type: C
Native to area: No
Available varieties: 1 Sunshine: Water: Pictured: Doronicum orientale 'Magnificum' - Leopard's Bane Perennial Cultivation: Plant Leopard's Bane in partial shade in fertile, moist well drained soil. "Leopards Bane" will go completely dormant during the heat of the summer. It is best grown in early spring intermingled in bulb gardens. 

Leopard's Bane flowers are excellent for cutting.

Leopard's Bane seeds can be started in early spring in a cold frame or greenhouse and moved outdoors after danger of frost has passed. For quicker growth purchase pre-started plants at your local greenhouse.

Potential pests ~ diseases:
Powdery mildew, or root rot if kept to wet.


dAwN said...

Nice informative post! Lovely flowers...can I grow it in my motorhome?

Tink said...

ha.. ask sicksta Del..

Adele said...

She can not grow it in her homey. It is a nice plant and you can divide it and make about four more it would be pretty across the front in the spring. Does it die completely to the ground once the warm weather comes or is there still some greenery till fall. Cause I seem to remember you plant annuals out there.

Tink said...

There is greenery all summer long although not as bright as it is now. I'll make sure I take a picture of it as the months go on..