Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mothers Day 2009

I enjoyed celebrating Mother's Day with some of my family members. We ate at Panda Buffet again. It's a good place for a gathering of a large party. Sean was the only one of my sons that could make the dinner. We were missing Christopher and Patrick and some of my siblings. We had a great time and ate lots of food and of course I overate as usual.

Mom and Pop

Purdy Chick with the oh so gorgeous Tara

Joey and me

The girls

Barb and her butterfly books she got for her birthday from chicka and pops

Ati getting into learning about the Monarch Butterfly.. Just a guess... LOL

The many beautiful and silly faces of my beautiful niece Tara.. I just love this girl..

She gives the meaning to Sugar Lips..

Yummy ice cream

Silly.. silly... silly


Adele said...

I must say I enjoyed this blog very much. Felt like I was there with you guys. Thanks Tinky for blogging about it.

dAwN said...

Oh that was fun Tink...thanks for taking me along..Wish I was there with you all..but..I will be there soon..
Cant wait to do some fun stuff with you and Joey..and we can make cement stuff...
fun fun