Sunday, August 30, 2009

Our daily walk up the wooded dirt road through the wooded wonderland

Of course most of you know I am an avid walker. You would think that I would be able to walk the country roads daily while visiting Joe's folks. The first day Joe and I discovered that many dog owners do not leash their dogs in the country and we found out the hard way from the barking dogs and one that came out on the road and let us know we don't belong. On another day there were three dogs that had Joe and I running down the road to get away from them as their owner yelled at them to come back. So I decided much to my dismay that I would only be able to walk the short distance dirt roads along his parents property a few times over since it was the only dog free zone. There was one wooded dirt road that started at their property and ended up in a small clearing. It was a huff and puff hike but wasn't near long enough for me. Joe and I were the only one who cared to walk it except for my nephews girlfriend who walked with me once when she wasn't working. Joe's family didn't venture up there unless it was hunting season.. LOL It was steep in areas and a very good short work out. The walk started with a beaver dam and went through the deep dark forest with glimpses of sunlight shining through the trees. My favorite thing was the tall trees loaded with the coolest moss some of it even hung off the trees like tassles. It is also a popular area for elk to travel through as Joe's nephew shot a large one up there last year. The family dogs also took a walk up there with us one time and you could see that they smelled them when their noses were right to the ground running back and fourth and sniffing out the elk trail. Giant slugs were abundant on the trail. I would constantly check under my feet as I walked so I didn't step on one.

I think this is some sort of Blue Jay.. Nob.. you can help me out.. More pictures on webshots. I shot it with my digital zoom so it's not as clear..

Beaver dam

Cool mossy trees.

Awesome wooded wonderland

Joe of the Jungle

Me.... Jane.. hee hee hee

Looks like giant clover. Not sure what it's called though.. More pictures in the album. I wanted Joe to put his hand near it so you could get an idea of the size of it.

More webshot pictures.. Click on the thumbnail

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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ma and Pa Berg's property.

I'm still feeling pretty yucky but I just can't lay on the couch all day so I decided to come upstairs to my computer and make one blog post of many that I have from our trip.

I wish I would have taken videos of my in laws whole yard. It was abundant with apple, pear and peach trees. They also had Walnut and Filbert trees. The Wild Blackberry bushes were bordering all over the property. I constantly snacked on them when I was outside. Joe's parents own 42 acres of property which they are subdividing to their children. So far one of Joe's brothers has built a house on his share. Their home is also a paradise for dogs. They loved bathing in the crick on and off all day that ran through their property. You had to make sure you were out of their path right after they got out or you would get a little shower..

Pretty Wild Flowers

Joe's pick from the garden. Carrots and cukes.

Meaty.. An Australian Shepard Dog. I loved this dog. He has two different colored eyes.

Joe and his mom. On our walk up the dirt road to his brother and wife's house.

Pa Berg showing me the huckleberry bush.

Porcupine quill that was left from Joe's bro running over it on the way home up the dirt road one night. Seems like they have had a few run in's with them and had to put one dog down because of it.

More photos on Webshots below.

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Heading to Washington State August 2009

Joe and I got back from Washington this past Tuesday. We had a wonderful time visiting with his family. This is the first of many blogs of our adventures. I got sick the day after we came home so it might take some time before I can sort through photos and videos. I have tons and tons from our adventures from family picnics, hanging out at his folks house and visiting a local fair and two famous mountains.

At Logan airport in Boston waiting to board our plane. Surprisingly I dont get nervous until the plane takes off. Then I count the moments till we land..

Our plane unloading and fueling up before we went aboard.

Plane ride to Washington State.. August 2009

Click the HQ to make it high quality

Saturday, August 15, 2009

August 14, 2009 Dick Campo outdoor concert with my family

This is my last blog till after Joe and I get back from visiting his folks and family in Washington State and then I'm sure I will bombard you with weekly vacation blogs..

Last night we met with mom and pops and other family to see Dick Campo in an outdoor concert in Washington Park.

Slide show

##### Campo summer concert at Washington Park August 14, 2009

Video.. I am in the video experimentation phase... Bear with me..

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Another shopping day in New York with two of my highschool BFF's

I took another train to New York with one of my good friends from high school to shop with another friend we were meeting there. We ended up spending the day shopping at China Town. It was the hottest and most humid day of the summer as of yet. I felt like a pile of sticky sweat but It didn't hamper the great time I had. We are becoming pro's at shopping in the city.. If you have never been to China Town you should check it out.. It's quite entertaining..

Grand Central Station


Taxivision.. Who da thunk it!

Trying to get all of us in the picture with my arm stretched out was quite a task..

We had lunch at a cute little restaurant in Little Italy

My Eggplant Parmesan

Carol's homemade Ravioli's

Joanne's Chicken dish and Pasta

Can't forget dessert. We love to eat but sitting inside in the AC was also a relief from the scorching temperatures outside.

Our yummy desserts.. Tiramisu.. Gelato and Caramel pecan cheese cake. I had the cheesecake and it was divine!!

Pooped out from shopping till we were dropping and sweating. Most of the stores were small with no air conditioning.. I would have taken more pictures on the streets but we were in and out of the stores so quickly and only thought of taking my camera out when things were not so crazy..

Sooo... most of the pictures are of us.. LOL Next time I hope to get more pictures of the sites.. I think we are opting towards another trip the end of the year..

Webshot slide show with all the pictures

New York City with friends August 11, 2009

Silly girls.. Still acting as giggly as we did in high school.. Some things never change.. :)

Another fun summer night at the DiLoretos August 8th 2009

If you want to have the most fun on a summer night, the DiLoreto's house is the best place to be.

Perfect night for chit chat and laughter by the camp fire.


Serious guy talk..

Silly boys sneaking in the picture..

Can't forget the dancing to all sicksta's tunes..

You Tube video

Webshot slide show with more photos from the night..

August 8th 2009 at the DiLoretos

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Ping and Zoe. Testing our new camera

Joe and I got an awesome new camera on Friday for our anniversary present to each other.... It's a Panasonic Lumix DMC- ZS3. My sicksta Dawn got one a few weeks before. She researched it for quite some time on the Web since she is a birder and likes to have a nice small camera for taking on her bird outings, hiking and many other places she visits as she RV's around the United States with her hubby and kitty.
It has a great wide angle lens, 12x zoom, high def video if you film in that mode and many other great features that I have to read up on. This is where I bought it and shows a picture of the camera. I got mine in a nice blue color..

Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS3

Here are some test pictures and videos of our fur babies.

Da Girls!



Mimo isn't a pug but he is so darn cute.

Pug fun with squeaky balls

Zoe chillin on the bed... She didn't move a muscle.. LOL

Monday, August 3, 2009

Crescent Beach Day August 1, 2009

We had another nice day and night spent at my sister and her honey's beach. It was not any ordinary day at the beach, It was Crescent Beach Day. The day starts off with some local vendors, basket raffles and of course sunning on the beach and would finish off with a block party where everyone shares a dish from home along with chicken while we chatted and listened to the raffle and auction. We arrives a little late and missed some of the vendors.. Tara was still available for her facials and she fit her Uncle Joe in for a nice relaxing one. You should have seen the smile on his face when she was done.

After we had some beach time we went back to Lori's house and got ready for the dinner block party...

The block party was fun and although we were the last table to be chosen to get our food we still managed to have a plate full of food. The food was yummy!!

Cutey pie Joey

Guy talk

I took this from the table.. I thought it came out pretty good for my little camera

We were experimenting with the night time camera settings.. I don't think we quite have it figured out yet..

Of course we had to finish the night listening to music, talking and having fun by the fire pit.. Another great beach day and night for all.. :)

My sleeping beauty niece Tara.. She was worn out from being on her feet for 8 hours giving facials that day.. It was late and past my bed time..

A little video clip at the fire pit

Full album at my webshots

Niantic August 1 2009