Saturday, May 23, 2009

Look at the new plants we bought and a few oldies

We went plant shopping on Friday.. This is some of what we will be planting in the yard this year. Some are for our pots we will be making as well. I'll do another post on that one..

Gotta get my babies in the pictures..

I bought this for the shady area.

I love my Spiderwort plant.

I had to buy two others for another shady area..

This one has a different color flower..

My Clematis is blooming..

Love my Rhody buds and blooms..

What is this Sickstas????
I am thinking it might be marigolds but I'm not sure if it's some weed. I have it growing in a few of my flower beds.

Had to take a picture of my climbing pug family..


Adele said...

The pugs are cute. I wouldn't mind having them climbing up one of my trees ha. I don't know what the plant is but i will guess off the top of my head that it is cleome. Lor will know what they are I am sure. That looks like a nice assortment of stuff. I can't wait for the pictures of them planted. Spiderwart is one of my favorites also. The one you have planted with the chartruese foliage is my absolute favorite. They really light up a shady area.

The Blessed Bryants said...

Beautiful flowers!! I bet your yard looks great. You'll have to post more pics when you get them all planted!

dAwN said...

oH..cant wait to see the garden in person..some nice plants!
We can make some cool cement something or other for the garden.