Monday, March 30, 2009

Dad's Birthday luncheon at Panda Buffet

We had a great time this past Sunday, celebrating dad's birthday at Panda Buffet.  I took a few pictures around the table when we first got there and got everyone but Barb.  If you look closely you will see her arms in the shot next to dad.  Sorry Barb!  Anyway I was too busy eating to take more pictures..

Joe's first plate.

My first plate of three..

Saturday, March 28, 2009

A fiftieth Celebration with friends

Two of my close high school girl friends who just happened to be in Joe and my wedding celebrated our big 50 together by going out to dinner.  I haven't seen them in a while but recently reconnected with them on Face Book.    Hopefully this will be the first of many more for us now that are children are older and we have more time to ourselves..  Joanne turned 50 in January, me in March and Nancy's birthday is this April.  We went to this restaurant called Dev's and it was located on bank street.  Here is the link to their restaurant.   Dev's.   It was a little pricey but the food quality was excellent.  We decided to order the Tapa's and try lots of different little  dishes.  I suggest to do it with only two couples though because if you liked something you didn't get that much unless you ordered two of one dish.  There was also a man who played music in the background.  He was fabulous.. We had a great time and lots of fun.  

Joanne, Nancy and me

With the glasses we need to read now.. 


Joe and Jeff..  Nancy husband Jim was missing because he was sick.  We missed him..

I didn't get a picture of our food till till late.  You get the idea that it was yummy.  It was our first round of tapas.

This was our smaller second round minus the scallops that weren't ready when I took this picture.  We also had a dessert course that I didn't take pictures either.  I'll be better next time around..

Our entertainment for the night..  He was awesome.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My precious babies Ping and Zoe

My little balls of fur were sleeping so comfy cosy by their papa's feet the other morning and I had to take their pictures.  Ping and Zoe are both going to the vets to get their teeth cleaned tomorrow.  It always makes me nervous when they have to be put under especially since they are getting up there in age.  Please say an extra prayer for my little girls while they get their teeth cleaned and possibly a few pulled.  Ping is also getting a growth on her lip removed which my vet says looks benign.  



Monday, March 16, 2009

My 50th birthday celebration

This past Saturday I celebrated my 50th birthday with some of my family members.  We had a great time even though I wish all of my children and sisters could have been there.  We had dinner at Koto's, which is a great Japanese restaurant and then went to the casino to see a free concert in the Wolf Den.  The band was The Marshall Tucker band.  It just so happened that foot ball player Doug Flutie played a little bit of drums with the band.

Joe and I took our pictures before the glorious event.. LOL  We should have used the timer to take out picture together but we were in a rush..

Me and my cu-tie sista Lori

Piero and the lovely Tara

John, dad and mom

Me and the lovely mama

Now that's a beer!  Light beer that is..

Barb and Sean

Me and da Joey

Sean and his beautiful Dragon Roll

Close up

Lori and Atilio, her honey.

Me and my Calamari Tempura

Tara and her Sushi

close up

My vegetable tempura

My sweet potato and plum rolls

Joe's California rolls

Joe and his rolls

Barb and her cool dish

John's dish

Chick's cool Chicken and rice dish with coconut on top that wiggled and looked like it was alive.  I might try that next time.  It looked awesome..

Everything was delish

Lori's cool rolls

Dad and his dish

Up close

Barb's cool shrimp with crunchy edible heads

Another view

They knew it was my birthday and asked if I got embarrassed easy and I said no.  They came out singing a birthday shake it song but it was too early and didn't want to shake it with strangers looking on... LOL

My yummy free dessert they brought me.  It was fried ice cream.. Yum and I shared it..

It was great fun but it was onward to Mohegan Sun for our free concert and fun..  

Me and my Joey

Piero and Tara

 Hey look... John's eyes are open..

Marshall Tucker Band

Doug Flutie playing with the band

Atilio and Barb got closer and went on the floor to watch the band near the end..

I had a wonderful time.. :)