Sunday, April 26, 2009

William C O’Neil bike trail

Joe and I took a lovely bike ride to the William O'Neil bike trail. It is a trail for bikers, walkers, roller blades and cross country skiing in the winter. The weather was pretty hot today. It was in the mid eighties. Joe and I sweat our little booties off. The path starts at a train station and goes through a swamp area and a few towns. Here is a more detailed link telling you about the trail.

Hit the trail..

Ready to go..

This was a great home style restaurant with good prices on breakfast and lunches. I will definitely eat there again. I was good. I got two poached eggs, dry rye toast and grits. Joe had a ham, cheese and mushroom omelet, hash browns and toast.


P1040387 P1040384P1040385 P1040386

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Cool store that made me think of my niece Tara. It would be awesome if she owned her own clothing store..

Heading back after eating..

Cool Mosaics along the way

Mosaic of the town

The End!

Youtube video

Saturday, April 25, 2009

A sunny day in my neck of the woods.

Today was an absolutely beautiful day. It was in the high sixties possibly low seventies with little wind. I started my day with my 4 mile walk and then came home and did a few loads of laundry and had my first of the year outside clothesline drying day. I am a happy girl. I get quite the thrill of hanging my clothes outside. I also cleaned my house, mowed the lawn and finished then headed to Dairy Queen for a cone and then another 4 mile walk to Bluff Point. I am quite the tired girl at this moment. Tomorrow is supposed to be another great day and Joe and I plan on taking a wonderful bike ride to this new place we have heard about... That will be in a upcoming blog..

My first clothes line drying day for the year.. :)

Ping enjoying the beautiful weather.

My new table

Sunbathing Ping


Milo in the prime spot with the girls

Video of my new table and the fur babies.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Kitchen Table

Here is the outdoor table we bought at Christmas Tree shop last year.  The table that was in the kitchen was too big and we had a hard time opening up the fridge and stove when people came over and were sitting in the chairs.  Although I love this new look and the table is quite a bit smaller, the chairs jut out too much and we are having the same issue if someone sits in them.  So it's back to the drawing board..  I am going to either buy a small round table or some sort of nice Island bar with some comfortable stools.  I'll keep you posted on what I find but for now this nice reasonable table will stay.  What do you think?  Does anyone know of a great place to get reasonable kitchen bar tables that are not too expensive and durable?


Sunday, April 19, 2009

New Veggie garden bed

Joe and I are making use of our yard down below our fence by putting in a small veggie bed and some fruit trees. We don't want a huge garden and are centering it where it will get the most amount of sun since trees surround the yard below. Joe is also transplanting an area for red raspberry bushes. I hope they all do well and we get lots of yummy fruit and veggies..

Looking down from fenced in part of the yard.

close up view

(After you hit the play arrow, select red HQ button unless it is red already, on the lower right of the video for clearer viewing)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Testing with pugs

I downloaded the windows live writer and photo gallery and I'm testing it out..

View Ping and Zoe

My first blooming plant

This is my first blooming flower in my garden. I think it's a Primrose but I'm not sure. I know my sista's will know.

My Zoester Toaster watching her mommy take pictures of the flowers..

Silly little girl just got through eating and she was licking her chops..

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Movavi VideoSuite 6

Now that my computer seems to be working for the moment I have found and downloaded a Video converter editing program for my computer. I am not one of the lucky ones that can use my video files in Windows Movie Maker. It wont recognize my MOV quick time files so I had to search for software that would. After many, many months of searching I found one and spent numerous hours downloading, configuring and finally figuring out how to convert and edit my files. I haven't tried all the features yet but took some movies from last year and converted, joined and transitioned them and then again saving them in a format for Youtube. I uploaded about four or five videos on there today..

I'll be playing around with the features in the next few days because I'm on computer overload right now.

Here is the program I downloaded. Movavi videoSuite 6

Go check out the latest videos I downloaded. They are Christmas morning at my house, Barn Island, Bluff Point, part of Sean's graduation from May and Devil's Hopyard. You can check out the side bar for a small video or go to my video Youtube page..

Tinky's Youtube page

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter day

I had a nice relaxing Easter yesterday. Joe, Sean and I went to dinner with mom's and pops at the local Friendly's.. ( Dad's choice) I offered to make dinner but my pops loves him some Friendly's so no one had to twist my arm about not cooking.. LOL Christopher was under the weather and Patrick was back in Massachusetts and had just visited us for a week a short time ago. After dinner Joe and I headed to Mom and Pops for snacks and a movie. We ended up watching Australia. It was a long movie but good.

Me in my Easter duds which were covered by a sweater all day. It was chilly and breezy out.

Joe, me and mom

Dad and Sean

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter Everyone!

I wanted to wish everyone a very happy and healthy Easter. We will be going out to dinner with my mom and pops and two of my sons. Then we will be heading to my folks to watch a movie. Have a great day!

Monday, April 6, 2009

A wonderful Sunday with Joe and the Pugs..

This past Sunday was a nice sunny day although a little on the windy side. Joe and I thought it would be the best time to prune and tend to our gardens since the next week is going to be pretty much on and off rain. Joe cleaned out some beds and put down some grass seed to fill in the bare spots of the lawn we planted last year where the veggie garden and part of the flower bed used to be. I heavily pruned our butterfly bush. We have a lot of outdoor projects this next month to get ready for the summer. It includes making a few raised beds down the hill. One veggie and one raspberry bed. We planted three blueberry bushes a few weeks back along with two apple trees and one nectarine tree. We also bought some organic bug spray because the man at the nursery said they would not do to well unless we sprayed them. We went the most natural route. I hope they do well.

Our three new blueberry bushes.





They are soaking up the nice weather.


Joe figuring out how to get the water out of the canoe.

The three trees

Joe standing between the two apple trees.

Me standing next to my nectarine tree. It has buds so we think it might bear fruit this year.