Sunday, February 27, 2011

Follow The Carpet Trail Feb 27, 2011

Ping has been having some problems with her right hind leg for a few weeks. I would come home from work to see her excited to greet me as her back hind leg slipped from behind her when she was running around. It looked like her foot was asleep. After a short time she was fine. She would do this on and off for a few weeks until one day she couldn't walk on the floor at all. Her leg didn't seem to get back on track. We took her to the vet and she ruled out arthritis, disc or brain issues. Everything was fine except that back leg. She also is not in any pain. Without any extensive tests the vet thinks it's some sort of nerve issue either in her leg or lower back. She said she probably has numbness or the feeling of pins and needles. It could be old age or from all the snow that froze and she had to climb around or on top of with this rough winter. We also recently got hardwood floors that could have exasperated this condition. So hubby and I are in the middle of a follow the carpet trail makeover in our house. I am trying to make it look as presentable as I can. I will do whatever I can for my baby girl so she can get around and make her life easier. She is getting up there in age and needs all the help she can.. It seems to be working and she is doing better so far.. Fingers crossed!!!


Saturday, February 12, 2011

Pug tongue licking yummy Peanut Butter tasting and birthday Ice cream

Please turn down your volume if you don't like the sound of slurping and lip smacking, tongue licking pug delight.. hee hee These videos are done with my Iphone so the quality isn't as good as my regular camera but it's so convenient and it's always nearby..

Ping and Zoe enjoying peanut butter

Ping turned 12 a few weeks ago. Her and Zoe enjoyed a little bit of doggy ice cream..

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Ice storm baby! Feb 2 2011

This has been a rough winter. We have had many snow storms with a few ice storms mixed in. This is an ice storm we had early February.

My beautiful tree. It took a beating between the heavy snow and ice. I hope it can bounce back from this..

Chris's car

A thick sheet of ice was on all the cars.

Ice on the mats.

Birdie under the icy butterfly bush.

Icy Butterfly Bush


Ping and Zoe want a piece of the squirrels. Two times in a row I let them out after their relentless barking as they watched them under the feeder. Both times they sunk deep into the snow when they ran past the feeder. So when I finally broke out the camera I was hoping to capture it on video but wouldn't you know this time they stopped right under the feeder.. It's still cute anyway..


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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The many clever head rests of Zoe

I love my pugs Ping and Zoe to pieces but this blog post is about Zoe today. Zoe is very resourceful at finding anything that is close to her to use as a head rest. Since she was a pup she has had reflux. Which has led us to feed her three small meals a day. I wonder if she loves to rest her head on objects or if it is because of her reflux? Anyhoo.. She is so cute when she does it. There are many more silly things she has rested her head on but either a camera wasn't handy or she moved before I could get to one..

My Treadmill base as I am next to her on my bike.

The ornament hook box

Her sister Ping

typical comforter

The usual pillow.

My vacuum head base..

Our luggage before we went to Bermuda.

The vacuum hose..

My sneakers.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

January snow storms 2011

Today I am home once again because of another snow storm. It looks like it will continue into tomorrow as well. At this rate I will be adding work days into the summer. Here are a few pictures of the storms in January..

Jan 7th storm

Jan 12th storm

Jan 12 storm video

Jan 16th

Jan 27th storm

Jan 27th video

Webshots.. More pictures..

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New Years Eve 2010 into 2011

We had another great New Years Eve celebration with my family. We first went to dinner that night at Chaplin's restaurant. After that we entered a new year at my sister and BIL house. What a fun and crazy time we had.. Here are some pictures and video..


More pictures on my Webshots

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