Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sean's 24th birthday dinner at Koto's

Yesterday was my baby's birthday. He turned 24... Yikes!!! I must have been ten when I had him.. :) It was a nice quiet birthday with moms, pops, Joe, Christopher, myself and the birthday boy. We were missing Patrick and other family members but it was nice just the same.

It started off with some nice raspberry Saki. I'm not a Saki lover but it was yummy..
Hears looking at you kid!

Pops, Sean and Christopher

Joe, me and Chickapoo

Joe, me and the boys-Patrick :(

Seans raw seafood salad

Joe and my Angel hair roll.. Man was that the best. It's my new favorite thing.. It has cooked lobster, shrimp and crab with cream cheese and other goodies inside.. The picture is too bright but you can check out my birthday Koto blog and see it there. It was Lori's dish. It's a much better picture.

Chris's Dragon roll. It was cool looking.

Picture on the wall. It was three dimensional.

Here is a video of a little bit of our dinner. Sean gets a birthday surprise from the workers at the end. We had a blast and I can't wait to go back there to celebrate my S.I.L Barb's birthday in a few weeks..

Video.. If the HQ button on the lower right doesn't turn red after pushing play, select it to play in better quality.


dAwN said...

Sean is 24??? Yikes..I just turned 24 today. LOL...
Time flys...
Looks like you all had a yummy meal and a great time!

Adele said...

Yes and if Nob is 24 that makes me a lovely and young 23. Zippedy do dah. ladeedahdah. cool food me want some.

Tink said...

If I was ten when I had him it puts you gals in your thirties.. Nice try though.. LOL