Saturday, May 9, 2009

My new Oriole feeder

The Oriole's and hummingbirds have been back for a few weeks now. Each day I see them more and more. I have been feeding them for a few years now and have a hummingbird feeder but wanted one for the Oriole's. I always put oranges for them on the fence but wanted to also have a jelly and sugar water feeder. I bought a three in one feeder. It holds a half an orange, jelly and sugar water. I have to move the feeder so it's in better view of the kitchen. The jelly and orange are gone so I take it they have been eating it. I saw a hummer on there today and a Red Bellied woodpecker eating from the orange on my fence. My mockingbirds like it as well.

Here are a couple of videos of my yard and feeder about a week or so ago. Everything is starting to pop up even more since these videos.


Adele said...

cute tinky. Loved the video of the oriole.

dAwN said...

the garden looks lovely does that bright orange birdie...
cute pingy at the end of last video.