Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ping, Zoe and Milo.. Two silly pugs.. and one cat

Ping and Zoe are forever glued to me and anyone else when we enter the kitchen. I eat yogurt and my light puddings quite frequently and I always leave the girls a little bit of the residue in the containers to lick when I'm done. It is a delicacy to them. Zoe has been known to split the containers apart at times to get every last drop.. On this day Ping was eating what was left in the yogurt container and Zoe had the pudding one. Milo does what he does best and rubs against you. It's pretty hard to get a picture of him sitting still because he always try's to rub against the camera..

Ping chowing down on her yogurt container. Working that tongue to the bottom.

Video of the crazies.. Notice the noises Zoe makes when she is licking her pudding container.


Adele said...

oh what talanted pooches

dAwN said...

they are such cute pups...I will save all my pudding and yougert cups for them..tee hee..