Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Big E Sept 2010

Every year Joe and I go to the Big E in Springfield Mass at least once or twice. We used to go on our own or occasionally with a friend or family members. The past few years we have been going with my brother and his wife. We have lots of fun shopping, eating and checking out relaxing at the Martini Bar. This year we got lots of goodies including some cool butterfly sets in my usual Mexican decor shop. There were so many cool colors that I had a hard time deciding on colors. I ended up purchasing one for my guest room downstairs and a set for my exercise room. Barb picked up two sets herself. Not bad for 15 dollars a set and hand painted in Mexico. I also stopped at my usual jewelry store and got my yearly bag of Kettle Corn behind the New Hampshire building. Yum!!

Yummy Bloody Mary's!

John had enough of our shopping and couldn't figure out what was so interesting in the jewelry store.. LOL

My butterfly finds..


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Monday, September 6, 2010

Loon Mountain August 28, 2010

This was our last adventure after a morning hike to Franconia Falls. We decided to take the gondola up Loon Mountain. On top of the mountain they had a restaurant, Glacial Caves, observation tower among a few other things. They also have a area with built in bleachers and an alter that hosts weddings. There was actually one going on when we were up there. The view is breathtaking and it's like getting married in heaven. What a way to start a marriage! The guests took gondolas up to the event. It was not a long service as one got through when we were heading up, another started shortly after we arrived and was done by the time we finished exploring the caves..

Heading up the mountain.

View from the patio of the restaurant.

Some of the stairs we had to walk down to get the the glacial caves.

This is where they hold their weddings.

What a view!


Going down.


More Webshots

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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Franconia Falls

We took a hike to Franconia Falls on our last full day there. It was a fairly easy 7 mile hike both ways. We hiked to the falls where people would slide down this area of rocks into a deep area of water.


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Saturday, September 4, 2010

North woodstock and Lincoln New Hampshire August 26-29 2010

Joe and I would regularly walk through North Woodstock where we stayed down to the town of Lincoln New Hampshire. The following pictures are places we ate and things we passed on our daily walks.

There are more cars in my Webshots album on the bottom of this page.

Boat on top of the camper.. Pretty cool!


Woodstock Inn And Brewery

Video at Flapjack's

Video of a band playing when we were walking around Woodstock one evening..