Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Bike Ride On The Airline State Park Trail

Memorial Day Joe and I went on a 22 mile bike ride on part of the Airline State Park Trail. The complete trail is 50 miles. It starts in East Hampton Connecticut and ends in Putnam Connecticut. The section we biked was from Colchester to East Hampton then we went back to Colchester and then in the opposite direction. The day was gorgeous and the trail was awesome. It was a pretty level trail but we constantly peddled the whole time and got a great work out. We started about seven miles from the beginning and then came back and went the other direction of the trail. It only took us around a half an hour to drive there by car . We are already planning our next section of the trail to bike on in the next few weeks..

Here is a link about the trail

Air Line State Park Trail

These are some of the sites along the way..

Joe rescued this little guy crossing the road.

He or she was a little shy..

The beginning that starts in East Hampton although we didn't start here.

Me looking at Joe down below by The Salmon River.

One of the ponds along the trail.

River running next to the woods

Lady Slipper

This brown lab was so cute.. I also have him on video. He was walking the trail with this rather large stick in his mouth..

One of the many marshes along the way..

Here is some of the video from our trip..

Part 1

Part 2


dAwN said...

oh nice scenery...I love ladys slippers...I wonder what kind of turtle that was?
I will have to watch the videos another time..the internet is crap here...and it took me forever to upload adam and the video for the blog..gurrrrr...

Adele said...

Oh what a cute blog. Loved the pictures and the video. You looked soo stinking cute in your biking garb. Oh Joey did too teehee. Loved the pup with the stick. Reminded me of Jackie boy on some walks that we took.

CatHerder said...

Very nice! Im jealous! My bikes are off the road temporarily while I "dress them up" a bit. Hopefully soon we will be on the road again....great pics!

Tink said...

nob.. I think it was a painted turtle.

Della.. Thanks for the comments.. I was comfy that day.

catherder.. I hope you get your bikes on the rode soon. It's so much fun.. Hubby talked me into getting back into biking last year. We usually hike. I'm glad he did..

Sandy said...

Wow, it's so beautiful up there. And to think it was all frozen not so long ago. That lab carrying the stick is so cute! Thanks for your good wishes while I've been recovering.