Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cat, pugs and plant oh my!

I am home today with another snow day. I promised my sisters I would blog at least once a week but there really has not been a whole lot to blog about except for snow and random pug pictures.  Tonight's blog was supposed to be about going to the casino and eating at the yummy buffet with Joe, Chris and Sean.  Because of the weather it's postponed to next week so stay tuned.   

Here is my boy Milo who is an inside cat. Last summer he escaped and was missing for two weeks. He was lucky to find himself a nice neighbor who took care of him and fed him. They were ready to adopt him but decided to put signs up first since they knew he must belong to someone and wasn't some stray because of his calm, loving nature and he was also declawed. Milo is about 18 and he is a sweet boy..

Ping and Zoe love to sleep with my hubby and I every night. This is how the two of them were sleeping when I woke up the other morning.  She is the princess and thinks she pretty much runs the show.



Here is a plant my hubby brought me home one day. It's a hardy little rubbery plant that blooms a few times a year. I love it and it sits on my kitchen table along with my Jade plant.  I love it's beautiful flowers.  They are so unusual.  What's the name of this plant Del, Dawn or anyone?  I can't think of it.


beachgrl said...

It's one of the holiday cacti,,looks like the Christmas one. It's blooming a little late though...ha

Tink said...

cool Thanks Lor, It blooms a couple times a year. I love it.

Adele said...

yeh what she said. That was a good blog. You could just do pictures if you want. Don't worry we love them all.

dAwN said...

That picture of Milo cracks me up..what a silly boy.
do you have a king sized bed? If not you need one.
Like the other sistas said it is christmas or Easter cactus...I have one it..easy to take care of.