Thursday, January 22, 2009

Organizing old photo albums and Pugs of course.. :)

I have had the past week off from work and go back in tomorrow for one day.  We have had exams at our high school, which means half days, so there is no need for lunches or lunch ladies. :)  I have been wanting to organize my albums for a long time but never got motivated enough to do it.  Since the weather has been so cold I figured the time is now.  I pretty much stayed in my robe the past few days and loved it.  I have been on a mission and my mission is complete except for a little labeling.  My next project will be  working on getting my favorite pictures from these scanned and put on my webshots and on discs for hubby, me and my children.  I want to do one of our wedding and one for each of the boys from when they were born till now..  

I didn't get pictures of the mess I had from the past few days but here is one from this morning before I finished my last album..

Here is the old sticky albums I got rid of.  I think I had to pull pages off of about six albums.  What a job that was.. I found using a blow dryer after pulling up a pice of one end help to loosen some stubborn glue. 

I put them into some lovely albums that the pictures slid right into the sleeves.

My robe was pretty much my attire for the past few days..  Notice you don't see my face.. It wouldn't be purdy.. 

Here are my finished albums.. I just have to label the sides of them with a brief description what's in there and the dates..

And of course we can't forget about my girls.  They have enjoyed mom being home these past few days even though I have been busy.  They still get to share some of my healthy snacks and lick a few bowls and of course that's what makes a pug happy. :)




simmonsjolo said...

Good job Tinky, I think being organized is great, but one heck of a job.

Adele said...

Cool beans, Tinky.

dAwN said...

Excellenty...nice to have all that stuff organized and the cds made for the boys!
nice soft robe...I love being in my pjs all day!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow. I love your dog. What a fine speciman he/she is. I have a Backyard Birds blog that might interest you if you like birds.

Tink said...

Thanks! Ping and Zoe are girls. I will check out your site Honest Abe.