Saturday, January 3, 2009

Relaxing days

The past few days have been pretty relaxing.  I have been weening myself from the late night eating and drinking.  I have been doing pretty good so far.

 Today I made a yummy blueberry and strawberry protein shake with my new blender from Christmas. I actually got Joe to drink one and he said he wouldn't mind having one every day.  I put protein powder, flax oil, frozen fruit, almond or soy milk and sometimes even water.  I also add some psyllium for fiber, vanilla and stevia if I need it sweeter.  I sometimes add banana but not all the time because it makes it higher in calories.  I have had trouble with my old blender chopping the larger pieces of fruit up but this new blender worked like a charm.  I had no bits of fruit in my drink.. Just a good ole smoothie..   I actually bought the blender for a yankee swap at my parents house and luckily I got my own gift.. :)  I usually pick out something I wouldn't ordinarily spend money on buying for myself and hope I end up with it.  

I also uploaded a few videos to my Youtube.  You can watch them on my Youtube link or watch them on this page.  If you go to Youtube make sure you choose to watch it on the highest quality below the video on the right.  It makes the video clear to watch..  Enough rambling for now.  Im off to make my healthy Hungry girls Pumpkin pie.. 


beachgrl said...

very cool tinky!

dAwN said... can you leave without giving us the recipe for the pumpkin pie....i want some..

Tink said...

I will take a picture of it tomorrow and give the recipe in a blog.. It's still cooking..

Adele said...

Your gettin all fancy up on us now. Keep up the blog work. Its a nice way to stay in touch. Now all we have to do is convince Lor to join the once a week blog club.