Monday, January 19, 2009

Deer back riding and a walk in the snowy woods.

Yesterday Joe and I took a walk in the woods.  We  had just gotten over another snow storm and the weather was pretty nice and no wind.  We decided to take the pups for a walk in the back of our house in the clearing.  They were not the happiest about it so we brought them back inside before our woods adventure.. 

Since the pups wouldn't go potty in the snow we had to bring them to the special spot where Joe and I put leaves for them right under the over hang.  I took a few pictures but won't show you the ones where the girls are going potty.  I promised them I wouldn't. LOL

After the girls did their business we brought them back inside the house and decided to venture out into the woods.  We came across this wild wooded deer and I decided to hop on and see If I could do some deer back riding.    It didn't work out to well because when I kicked the side of him with my foot he tipped over.. LOL  So Joe and i decided to go on foot..

The woods were so pretty and peaceful.  You could hear the birds rustling in the trees and bushes.  We came across  cool icicles dripping from some of the huge rocks in the woods.  It was a cool site to see.

When we were through with our hike in the woods we headed back to our house.  You can see the house from our clearing down below our house.  This spring we will be planing fruit trees, veggie gardens,  red raspberries and blueberries. :)

Our birdies were  having a snick snackity when we came back.  We actually took a four mile walk around the neighborhood when we were done because the weather was so nice.


dAwN said...

COOL...that was another fun adventure with Tink...

its funny that the pups wont do their thing in the snow...
thanks for showing the leafy photo...LOL...what we wont do for our fur babies!

Is that your deer? I don't remember it...Looks like you had a nice ride.

the icicles were very cool and you described everything so nicely I felt i was there...brrrrr.
Thanks for taking me on your adventure..and not the four mile walk..tee hee

Jeff and I already walked this morning!

Adele said...

Nice pics tinky. I hope that deer was not frozen solid. I really like the ice pictures and of course the silly pugs. Jack said he would have blazed a trail for them if he was there and Kali thinks she can still take those biatches.

Sandy said...

Wow, it's so beautiful to see all the snow and the ice on those rocks. It's amazing to think that the water froze while moving...I'd love to see that happen. I'm sure it would be too cold to watch it happen in real time! I can't wait to see all that in the spring. I bet it's beautiful then, too.