Friday, January 9, 2009

August Rush

If you haven't seen the movie August Rush go out and rent it. It's awesome. The music and the story line was wonderful. It was more then I expected. I have a crush on the lead male actor.. Jonathan Rhys Meyers, shall I say.. (Hottie) Joe and I loved the movie and I'm downloading music from the sound track on Itunes. It's awesome!!!!!

Here is a link to the movie's website.


jeff said...

oh cool...I will have to rent that..
thanks for blogging..
i love it when my sistas blog and I can see what they do and things they like...
some time this weekend we will have to do the etsy thing.
We are off to visit cousin Janice today. tomorrow morn birding..tomorrow eve applebees with Vic and tonight looks best.

jeff said...

oh Ha..ha..that comment was from me dawn..but I am doing it from Jeffs computer..

Tink said...

ha ha i noticed that you were signing as Jeff but you sounded like Dawn. Have fun today and take pictures.. I'll do my blender and computer blogs..