Sunday, August 30, 2009

Our daily walk up the wooded dirt road through the wooded wonderland

Of course most of you know I am an avid walker. You would think that I would be able to walk the country roads daily while visiting Joe's folks. The first day Joe and I discovered that many dog owners do not leash their dogs in the country and we found out the hard way from the barking dogs and one that came out on the road and let us know we don't belong. On another day there were three dogs that had Joe and I running down the road to get away from them as their owner yelled at them to come back. So I decided much to my dismay that I would only be able to walk the short distance dirt roads along his parents property a few times over since it was the only dog free zone. There was one wooded dirt road that started at their property and ended up in a small clearing. It was a huff and puff hike but wasn't near long enough for me. Joe and I were the only one who cared to walk it except for my nephews girlfriend who walked with me once when she wasn't working. Joe's family didn't venture up there unless it was hunting season.. LOL It was steep in areas and a very good short work out. The walk started with a beaver dam and went through the deep dark forest with glimpses of sunlight shining through the trees. My favorite thing was the tall trees loaded with the coolest moss some of it even hung off the trees like tassles. It is also a popular area for elk to travel through as Joe's nephew shot a large one up there last year. The family dogs also took a walk up there with us one time and you could see that they smelled them when their noses were right to the ground running back and fourth and sniffing out the elk trail. Giant slugs were abundant on the trail. I would constantly check under my feet as I walked so I didn't step on one.

I think this is some sort of Blue Jay.. Nob.. you can help me out.. More pictures on webshots. I shot it with my digital zoom so it's not as clear..

Beaver dam

Cool mossy trees.

Awesome wooded wonderland

Joe of the Jungle

Me.... Jane.. hee hee hee

Looks like giant clover. Not sure what it's called though.. More pictures in the album. I wanted Joe to put his hand near it so you could get an idea of the size of it.

More webshot pictures.. Click on the thumbnail

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dAwN said...

Those woods look lush and far was the road?
yeah too bad about the dogs...
That bird looks like a Stellers Jay

Big Bloomers said...

WAIT WAIT where is wonderland???? I feel robbed...Oh but the forest was GORGEOUS. All those ferns so very loverly. What was the name of the trees that were worth so much money? That clover like plant is an oxalis. I grow them here but they struggle cause they like moist shade.

Oh and you not Jane you Tinky. hee hee hee

Tink said...

Del... whoops .. my bad.. I meant through the wooded wonderland.. I fixed it.. LOL Cut me some slack. I have been sick.. ha

Nob.. The road was about 1/4-1/2 mile up.