Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Another shopping day in New York with two of my highschool BFF's

I took another train to New York with one of my good friends from high school to shop with another friend we were meeting there. We ended up spending the day shopping at China Town. It was the hottest and most humid day of the summer as of yet. I felt like a pile of sticky sweat but It didn't hamper the great time I had. We are becoming pro's at shopping in the city.. If you have never been to China Town you should check it out.. It's quite entertaining..

Grand Central Station


Taxivision.. Who da thunk it!

Trying to get all of us in the picture with my arm stretched out was quite a task..

We had lunch at a cute little restaurant in Little Italy

My Eggplant Parmesan

Carol's homemade Ravioli's

Joanne's Chicken dish and Pasta

Can't forget dessert. We love to eat but sitting inside in the AC was also a relief from the scorching temperatures outside.

Our yummy desserts.. Tiramisu.. Gelato and Caramel pecan cheese cake. I had the cheesecake and it was divine!!

Pooped out from shopping till we were dropping and sweating. Most of the stores were small with no air conditioning.. I would have taken more pictures on the streets but we were in and out of the stores so quickly and only thought of taking my camera out when things were not so crazy..

Sooo... most of the pictures are of us.. LOL Next time I hope to get more pictures of the sites.. I think we are opting towards another trip the end of the year..

Webshot slide show with all the pictures

New York City with friends August 11, 2009

Silly girls.. Still acting as giggly as we did in high school.. Some things never change.. :)


dAwN said...

Looks like you gals hat a hot and sweaty fun time!
Cant watch the slide show or video yet..out of Fast broadband area...
So I will check them out later..
So tell me more about the earrings u bought that are hearts???

Tink said...

Ha.. they are post earrings but I don't think they are sterling silver. Can you wear them? If so let me know where I can send them..

Adele said...

We used to love shopping in China Town that was our favorite place cause everything was so cheap and you could get tons of shit you didn't really need or want till you saw them there ha. To bad it was so hot. I was hoping you wouldn't forget the NYC food shots HAHAHAAHAH.