Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Another fun summer night at the DiLoretos August 8th 2009

If you want to have the most fun on a summer night, the DiLoreto's house is the best place to be.

Perfect night for chit chat and laughter by the camp fire.


Serious guy talk..

Silly boys sneaking in the picture..

Can't forget the dancing to all sicksta's tunes..

You Tube video

Webshot slide show with more photos from the night..

August 8th 2009 at the DiLoretos


dAwN said...

yes..that the place to be on a weekend..but shhhh dont tell everyone ..its our secret!
I couldnt watch the video or slideshow yet...broadband card slow right now..
will be back to check it out!
see ya sicksta!

dAwN said...
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Adele said...

Well I can hear the videos now. Go figure? Yes it is the funnest place to be by far. Great company, silly sickstas and crazy boys. We sure can pick em.