Saturday, August 15, 2009

August 14, 2009 Dick Campo outdoor concert with my family

This is my last blog till after Joe and I get back from visiting his folks and family in Washington State and then I'm sure I will bombard you with weekly vacation blogs..

Last night we met with mom and pops and other family to see Dick Campo in an outdoor concert in Washington Park.

Slide show

##### Campo summer concert at Washington Park August 14, 2009

Video.. I am in the video experimentation phase... Bear with me..


Sandy said...

Have a great trip. I really enjoyed the NYC shopping pics. Especially the food. It looks so so good. What did you buy??

Tink said...

Thanks Sandy! I need to catch up on all my friends blog rolls when I get back. The past few weeks have been so busy with family and friends and now getting ready for our trip. In China Town I bought a purse, reading glasses, two hair clips, two T shirts a tank top and a partridge in a pear tree.. LOL

Adele said...

partridge in a pear trea huh. remember we used to buy those little black cloth shoes. I used to wear them exclusively for years. Loved the video of the band. Camera takes good videos with nice zooms.

CatHerder said...

Cant wait to see the pics!