Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ma and Pa Berg's property.

I'm still feeling pretty yucky but I just can't lay on the couch all day so I decided to come upstairs to my computer and make one blog post of many that I have from our trip.

I wish I would have taken videos of my in laws whole yard. It was abundant with apple, pear and peach trees. They also had Walnut and Filbert trees. The Wild Blackberry bushes were bordering all over the property. I constantly snacked on them when I was outside. Joe's parents own 42 acres of property which they are subdividing to their children. So far one of Joe's brothers has built a house on his share. Their home is also a paradise for dogs. They loved bathing in the crick on and off all day that ran through their property. You had to make sure you were out of their path right after they got out or you would get a little shower..

Pretty Wild Flowers

Joe's pick from the garden. Carrots and cukes.

Meaty.. An Australian Shepard Dog. I loved this dog. He has two different colored eyes.

Joe and his mom. On our walk up the dirt road to his brother and wife's house.

Pa Berg showing me the huckleberry bush.

Porcupine quill that was left from Joe's bro running over it on the way home up the dirt road one night. Seems like they have had a few run in's with them and had to put one dog down because of it.

More photos on Webshots below.

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dAwN said...

Howdee tink..
the house looks really cute..what are the white dots on the outside?
those dogs are cute..
esp. the one u took the photo of..cute upside down doggie.
hope u are feeling better!

Tink said...

I think they had insulation put in.

Big Bloomers said...

Ha. I was wondering about that too.
Those wild flowers are Epilobium angustifolium "fireweed". The first time I saw a stand of them it was like a "religious" experience. ha I would love to have a "stand" of them but you can't grow them. They are stubborn and like to grow themselves ha.

Big Bloomers said...

Oh and I loved the video with the pups in the creek. That is dog heaven I think. Sorry I posted as BB's but I didn't realize I was logged in as that ha.