Monday, August 3, 2009

Crescent Beach Day August 1, 2009

We had another nice day and night spent at my sister and her honey's beach. It was not any ordinary day at the beach, It was Crescent Beach Day. The day starts off with some local vendors, basket raffles and of course sunning on the beach and would finish off with a block party where everyone shares a dish from home along with chicken while we chatted and listened to the raffle and auction. We arrives a little late and missed some of the vendors.. Tara was still available for her facials and she fit her Uncle Joe in for a nice relaxing one. You should have seen the smile on his face when she was done.

After we had some beach time we went back to Lori's house and got ready for the dinner block party...

The block party was fun and although we were the last table to be chosen to get our food we still managed to have a plate full of food. The food was yummy!!

Cutey pie Joey

Guy talk

I took this from the table.. I thought it came out pretty good for my little camera

We were experimenting with the night time camera settings.. I don't think we quite have it figured out yet..

Of course we had to finish the night listening to music, talking and having fun by the fire pit.. Another great beach day and night for all.. :)

My sleeping beauty niece Tara.. She was worn out from being on her feet for 8 hours giving facials that day.. It was late and past my bed time..

A little video clip at the fire pit

Full album at my webshots

Niantic August 1 2009


dAwN said...

Thanks for sharing the fun day..that I missed! Guess u didnt win any raffles or else you would have posted..
Glad u got some food and didnt starve!
Why did u arrives late?? tee hee..
See u soon Sicksta!

Adele said...

haha not nice to make fun of gramical mistakes from the queen of them fooo. Thanks for taking us there tink. What does lor do for the misquitos?