Monday, April 6, 2009

A wonderful Sunday with Joe and the Pugs..

This past Sunday was a nice sunny day although a little on the windy side. Joe and I thought it would be the best time to prune and tend to our gardens since the next week is going to be pretty much on and off rain. Joe cleaned out some beds and put down some grass seed to fill in the bare spots of the lawn we planted last year where the veggie garden and part of the flower bed used to be. I heavily pruned our butterfly bush. We have a lot of outdoor projects this next month to get ready for the summer. It includes making a few raised beds down the hill. One veggie and one raspberry bed. We planted three blueberry bushes a few weeks back along with two apple trees and one nectarine tree. We also bought some organic bug spray because the man at the nursery said they would not do to well unless we sprayed them. We went the most natural route. I hope they do well.

Our three new blueberry bushes.





They are soaking up the nice weather.


Joe figuring out how to get the water out of the canoe.

The three trees

Joe standing between the two apple trees.

Me standing next to my nectarine tree. It has buds so we think it might bear fruit this year.


Adele said...

it will be interesting to see you standing next to thoe trees in the coming years. It will be cool to compare them year to year.

dAwN said...

I hope you get lots of berries and lots of fruits..
and veggies...and i hope i can eat some..

Butterfly Garden Freak said...

oooh... looking LOVELY Tammy... I hope your trees bear fruit for you this year... Nice job.. and your babies cannot get any stinking cuter..