Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Movavi VideoSuite 6

Now that my computer seems to be working for the moment I have found and downloaded a Video converter editing program for my computer. I am not one of the lucky ones that can use my video files in Windows Movie Maker. It wont recognize my MOV quick time files so I had to search for software that would. After many, many months of searching I found one and spent numerous hours downloading, configuring and finally figuring out how to convert and edit my files. I haven't tried all the features yet but took some movies from last year and converted, joined and transitioned them and then again saving them in a format for Youtube. I uploaded about four or five videos on there today..

I'll be playing around with the features in the next few days because I'm on computer overload right now.

Here is the program I downloaded. Movavi videoSuite 6

Go check out the latest videos I downloaded. They are Christmas morning at my house, Barn Island, Bluff Point, part of Sean's graduation from May and Devil's Hopyard. You can check out the side bar for a small video or go to my video Youtube page..

Tinky's Youtube page

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