Saturday, April 25, 2009

A sunny day in my neck of the woods.

Today was an absolutely beautiful day. It was in the high sixties possibly low seventies with little wind. I started my day with my 4 mile walk and then came home and did a few loads of laundry and had my first of the year outside clothesline drying day. I am a happy girl. I get quite the thrill of hanging my clothes outside. I also cleaned my house, mowed the lawn and finished then headed to Dairy Queen for a cone and then another 4 mile walk to Bluff Point. I am quite the tired girl at this moment. Tomorrow is supposed to be another great day and Joe and I plan on taking a wonderful bike ride to this new place we have heard about... That will be in a upcoming blog..

My first clothes line drying day for the year.. :)

Ping enjoying the beautiful weather.

My new table

Sunbathing Ping


Milo in the prime spot with the girls

Video of my new table and the fur babies.


Adele said...

Cute video. I love the table. You have lots of room in kitchen now. I think Ping was telling Milo "get up...thats my spot".

dAwN said...

Nice table and fits the space well...
Glad you had a nice day and got to hang your laundry out...
now take a nap.

Tink said...

Ha.. I fell asleep on the couch around 7 ish. Now for another fun filled active day..