Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter day

I had a nice relaxing Easter yesterday. Joe, Sean and I went to dinner with mom's and pops at the local Friendly's.. ( Dad's choice) I offered to make dinner but my pops loves him some Friendly's so no one had to twist my arm about not cooking.. LOL Christopher was under the weather and Patrick was back in Massachusetts and had just visited us for a week a short time ago. After dinner Joe and I headed to Mom and Pops for snacks and a movie. We ended up watching Australia. It was a long movie but good.

Me in my Easter duds which were covered by a sweater all day. It was chilly and breezy out.

Joe, me and mom

Dad and Sean


dAwN said...

That was a very disappointing post...I really wanted to see photos of your friendys Easter dinner! therefore I am not posting my half ass food blog..tee hee..

Tink said...

You better! Adele told us of all your half assed, half eaten pictures of food.. ha ha

Adele said...

Oh yes they were too delicious and made us forget all about taking pictures until half way through. Pops looks cute in green but I wonder if he thought it was St. Patty's day. I love you easter egg outfit ha.