Sunday, April 19, 2009

New Veggie garden bed

Joe and I are making use of our yard down below our fence by putting in a small veggie bed and some fruit trees. We don't want a huge garden and are centering it where it will get the most amount of sun since trees surround the yard below. Joe is also transplanting an area for red raspberry bushes. I hope they all do well and we get lots of yummy fruit and veggies..

Looking down from fenced in part of the yard.

close up view

(After you hit the play arrow, select red HQ button unless it is red already, on the lower right of the video for clearer viewing)


dAwN said...

Oh my..I think I want to stick around for the apples and nectarines!
Are you going to fence the veggies from the deer and bunnies?

Tink said...

I think the veggies we are planting won't attract the deer. I hope not anyway. Hopefully the fruit trees will be okay but we shall see. I don't think we will have apples the first year, maybe two.. The guy at Holdridges thought we might get some nectarines.. We shall see..

Adele said...

That will be cool to get fruit for sure. Nice little garden.