Friday, September 25, 2009

Family picnic Washington 8/23/2009

Joe's family had a wonderful mini reunion welcome back picnic for us. It was so nice to see some of his family members again and to meet some new ones for the first time. Thanks everyone!!!

Everyone is here with their spouses except for Mikes wife. She had a function on her side of the family but we got to spend a few days with her before she left.

Joe and all of his family..

Joe's mom and his aunts. Three wonderful sisters.


More pictures

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by tink59


Adele said...

That video zoom rocks my world ha. The Berg clan is very blue.

Chicky said...

Really neat pictures of the Berg Family. I love the zoom on the camera.

dAwN said...

Nice photos of the Berg Clan.
So nice they had that get together for you! I bet joe loved it.