Friday, October 2, 2009

Mount Saint Helens August 2009

We are getting close.

Here it is.. Early in the morning and a little foggy. We are getting closer.


The Hummocks trail.

The hummocks were formed from the 1980 landslide deposit from Mount St. Helens. These hummocks once formed part of the volcano's summit, which was removed by an enormous landslide on 18 May 1980. The landslide scattered the summit rocks widely in the North Fork Toutle River valley.

Hummocks Trail video

We are here at the Observatory. What an awesome view of Mount Saint Helens. Look at all the devastation that surrounds it. Unlike the view of rolling wildflowers and abundant greenery on our visit to Mount Rainier. Mount Saint Helens is still quite the awesome sight.

This is a couple in their mid to late 70's who are avid hikers. They had all the hiking equipment and do lots of weekend hikes checking out different trails in Washington. I hope Joe and I are still able to hike when we are their age.

Observatory view video

These are in no order below but they were all from our hike on the south ridge of Cold Water Lake.

Coldwater Lake is at the foot of the Mount St. Helens volcano. The lake is inside the park, just before the Johnston Ridge Observatory. It is an 800 acre lake created when the 1980 eruption dammed the Coldwater Creek valley. The creek filled the valley and thus Coldwater Lake was born.

Logging machinery that was blown about by the catastrophic explosion of Mt St Helens. Luckily it was a weekend and the loggers were home with their families. Click on the picture below to see how far down the vehicle was thrown.

I zoomed up on it with the amazing zoom on my little camera.

Coldwater Lake hike videos

A little more sight seeing before heading home.

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by tink59


Adele said...

Wow that was a long blog. Perhaps the longest blog I have ever read. I have still not seen all the video but will go back later to see the rest. The rubble part was very cool and the machinery all over the place was humbling to see what a natural disasater can do.

dAwN said...

nice pics tink..i am giggling a few the last part u see the road and then the lower part of the truck..and then the one of the trail..i see this hand in the right hand side of the video..kinda looking like a shadow puppet..hee hee..was that your hand? and what were u doing?
anyway..liked the videos too..
A very cool place..glad it didnt blow its top while u were there.

Tink said...

In two parts of the video Joe took over and when he was done he forgot to shut the camera off.. LOL

Finnish Princess said...

You sure do go on some interesting trips! Again, gorgeous - you are a fabulous photographer, you really capture the beauty of the place!