Monday, September 21, 2009

Stroll to Garrard Creek. Washington. August, 2009

One of Ma and Pa Berg's daily stroll is to Garrard Crick as they call it. It's right up their dirt road and was a walk that Joe and I took a few times daily and have posted other pictures in my past blogs from walks we went on there. This is a place that Ma and Pa Berg would often walk their grandchildren to as they would gather rocks and throw them in the crick and listen to the sound of them hit the water. They did that with my boys when we visited many, many years ago. On this day the guys went to a sporting store and were gone for quite some time. So we decided to see what's going on there since they are going to put up a new bridge and are starting to work on it..

Ma Showing us their Filbert tree as we left for our walk.


Ma and Pa Berg, Susan and Olaf

They are going to put in a new bridge and started to leave their equipment there.

Yup, there is water down there Olaf.

What a sweet boy!

More Pictures.

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CatHerder said...

Oh i think i would just LOVE to live there!

dAwN said...

That was fun walking with you and the family! Too bad the filbert werent ready! I think i might pick some up while we are here..should be ready soon!

Adele said...

That was sweet. Memorieeeeeeessssss ha. I have a tiny little filbert tree off the one we have at work. So far it is doing good. Those nuts are yummmmmmy.