Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Mount Rainier... Climb at Paradise. And yes Della doo, it was Paradise.

Well we are here at Paradise on Mount Rainier for our climb. Enjoy the view and the special treats along the way... I wish I was back there looking at the vast mountainside, rolling hills, wildflowers and furry creatures. Most of all spending time with Joe..

We were told the wildflowers were at the end of their blooming period. I'm glad there was still lots of beauty left for us to see. I can only imagine what it looked like a few weeks before we got there..

Marmot. They were everywhere.

Yup... We got to the snow.. I made a snowball in August..

The hills are alive... With the sound of music.. La la la la

Lots and lots of more pictures below in my Webshots. I had a hard time deciding which ones to put up on here.

Image hosted by
by tink59

Videos galore. Each clip isn't very long. I have big video files so I couldn't put them all together. I still have to work on all my photo and video settings. I didn't have time to mess with my camera too much before my trip.

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Adele said...

WOWIE. That was the end of the wildflower season Yikes. SOOOOO gorgeous. Great pictures. I have not seen all the videos yet. I will try to go back tonight and watch them all. I am busy busy busy today.