Saturday, September 19, 2009

Washington State 2009

We had a daily routine of taking walks around Joe's parents property. On this day we got to watch a Doe and her Fawn.

Ugly slug... Even though they were having a dry spell we still managed to see big ole slugs..

Joe in front of Garrard Creek.

Lovely picture of mom and pop Berg's house in the distance.

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by tink59



dAwN said...

Nice pics tink...dont like them slugs..always creeped me out..
are those anoles? the salamander type things?
I still can view your videos...I guess my broadband card is too slow.
will have to wait for wifi..
oh least i have internet now.

Adele said...

Pretty scenery Tinky. I like the deer from a distance but certainly not in my gardens ha. The slug can stay away too.

CatHerder said...

very nice! I posted a pic the other day of a fawn that i startled while hiking at Merrill Creek...i was hoping to see a fox or some bear this time, but we didnt :-(