Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentines Day

I had a wonderful Valentines Day. Joe gave me this lucky bamboo plant the night before. I got him this cute Pug card that I found in the store many months before. We ended up going out to an early dinner with My mom and dad to Applebees. After that Joe and I went to see Confessions Of A Shopaholic. It was a cute feel good movie. We ended up coming home and snuggling with the pups watching TV and as usual I fell asleep early on the couch.. :)

My lucky bamboo

Joe's Valentine card I gave him..

My girls sunbathing in the sun before Joe and I left to meet the folks.

Dinner with mom and pop.. Notice Chicky and I are Valentines with our red shirts..

Mom and pops got some yummy virgin tropical drinks.. Here they are and also the two of them enjoying them.

Our dinner was absolutely yummy... Dad and Joe got Bourbon Street Steaks with yummy veggies and mashed taters. I had one bite of Joe's taters and they were dee-lish. Chicky got a Chicken Caesar Salad and I got Steak & Portobellos that was only 7 points from the Weight Watchers selection. I asked for extra veggies on the side too which was broccoli. The steak was wonderfully seasoned and melted in my mouth. I saved dessert room points for butter-less popcorn at the movie theater later that day..

Chick's and my dish.



Here is a little video I did with my phone camera at the last minute..

We had a great time and I'm looking forward to my Japanese Dinner for my 50th birthday. Look for the blog in March..


Vickie said...

Oooh. You have my mouth watering here! What a lovely Valentine's day!

Adele said...

That was fun. You girls looked soooo pretty in your valentines red. I wish I was there to taste all your food.

dAwN said...

howdee tinky..
thanks for sharing the fun valentines
day and dinner...
looks like you are doing good adding your calories..

I had a brownie and icecream...oops..