Thursday, February 12, 2009

My silly and playful Puglets blog

Today's blog was supposed to be about my buffet dinner and trip to Mohegan Sun but my tummy decided to act up shortly after my walk yesterday and Joey ended up going alone with Chris. Sean was supposed to go as well but ended up working that night.       Anyway, one of the pictures is a random one of Zoe with a silly lint ball stuck on her mouth.. Pugs are known for having things hang out of their mouths sometimes and not know they are there.. LOL      Today I was also playing with the girls and their toys and a few of the pictures are from then.     I have to get creative with my blogging but I have been so tired when I get home from work and fall asleep extremely early on the couch.. I am also still without my big computer and am doing this all from Pinky. It will be three weeks tomorrow that I have been without it.   They are putting in a new mother board and some electrical stuff..  Anyway, here are da pictures..

Zoe with her dustball.. LOL

Grrr!  I'll show you, you little stuffed pug..

Zoe taking her turn with little stuffed puglet..

Ping was howling at me because I took her squeaky ball and hid it.. 


Adele said...

those girls are too silly for words.

Sandy said...

Looks like Ping is really telling you off! I hope you get to go to that buffet sometime. I would love to hear about it!