Tuesday, February 17, 2009

New Ping and Zoe videos

I uploaded some new Ping and Zoe videos. You can either watch four of them on this page to the right in my video section or go to this link and watch two more of them. Make sure you choose to watch it in the highest quality that is under the video on the right side. Most of them have that option.

Click on this link below to get to my Youtube..

Tink's you tube site..


dAwN said...

Darn...I cant hardly load up a page...so the videos are out..I will have to wait until i have better internet ..which wont happen for a week anyway...bummer...
it took me three times to get this comment box to load up..

Adele said...

Oh those two girls are silly. Ping was cracking me up staring down tha toy. Jackie boy does much the same thing daring that toy to move or for you to take it ha. Silly girls.