Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The many clever head rests of Zoe

I love my pugs Ping and Zoe to pieces but this blog post is about Zoe today. Zoe is very resourceful at finding anything that is close to her to use as a head rest. Since she was a pup she has had reflux. Which has led us to feed her three small meals a day. I wonder if she loves to rest her head on objects or if it is because of her reflux? Anyhoo.. She is so cute when she does it. There are many more silly things she has rested her head on but either a camera wasn't handy or she moved before I could get to one..

My Treadmill base as I am next to her on my bike.

The ornament hook box

Her sister Ping

typical comforter

The usual pillow.

My vacuum head base..

Our luggage before we went to Bermuda.

The vacuum hose..

My sneakers.


dAwN said...

Hee hee...she is one silly pugster!

CatHerder said...

omg tink they are SO ADORABLE....hope you are keeping warm...we are iced in right now

Tink said...

She sure is sicksta!

Catherder.. Thanks! We are also in the midst of an ice storm. Gotta get some pictures but I don't want to ruin my lens..

Adele said...

She reminds me of the Queen of Hearts. BRING ME MY PIG!!!!!

Missy D. said...

cute cute cute cute... and some more cuteness