Sunday, February 27, 2011

Follow The Carpet Trail Feb 27, 2011

Ping has been having some problems with her right hind leg for a few weeks. I would come home from work to see her excited to greet me as her back hind leg slipped from behind her when she was running around. It looked like her foot was asleep. After a short time she was fine. She would do this on and off for a few weeks until one day she couldn't walk on the floor at all. Her leg didn't seem to get back on track. We took her to the vet and she ruled out arthritis, disc or brain issues. Everything was fine except that back leg. She also is not in any pain. Without any extensive tests the vet thinks it's some sort of nerve issue either in her leg or lower back. She said she probably has numbness or the feeling of pins and needles. It could be old age or from all the snow that froze and she had to climb around or on top of with this rough winter. We also recently got hardwood floors that could have exasperated this condition. So hubby and I are in the middle of a follow the carpet trail makeover in our house. I am trying to make it look as presentable as I can. I will do whatever I can for my baby girl so she can get around and make her life easier. She is getting up there in age and needs all the help she can.. It seems to be working and she is doing better so far.. Fingers crossed!!!



Adele said...

silly little gimpy girl

dAwN said...

hee hee ..follow the carpeted road! Glad she is doing better now..

Missy D. said...

So glad she is doing better... gotta take care of the kiddies!!