Sunday, February 6, 2011

Ice storm baby! Feb 2 2011

This has been a rough winter. We have had many snow storms with a few ice storms mixed in. This is an ice storm we had early February.

My beautiful tree. It took a beating between the heavy snow and ice. I hope it can bounce back from this..

Chris's car

A thick sheet of ice was on all the cars.

Ice on the mats.

Birdie under the icy butterfly bush.

Icy Butterfly Bush


Ping and Zoe want a piece of the squirrels. Two times in a row I let them out after their relentless barking as they watched them under the feeder. Both times they sunk deep into the snow when they ran past the feeder. So when I finally broke out the camera I was hoping to capture it on video but wouldn't you know this time they stopped right under the feeder.. It's still cute anyway..


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