Monday, October 26, 2009

Airline trail bike ride October 25, 2009

Joe and I took another bike ride on the Airline trail to take in some of the foliage and also get some exercise at the same time. We have had a few rainy weekends and windy weather so some of the trees color have already gone by and some were bare due to the weather conditions. It was still pretty and peaceful just the same..


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by tink59


Adele said...

Very pretty tinky. That looked like alot of fun. Who was that girl with her hair down. hahahahahaha

Tink said...

I know.. I looked like a wild wildebeest especially with that visor.. ha ha

CatHerder said...

Very pretty! WE took a walk Sunday, locally and i was surprised that the trees seemed to change overnight....Have a happy halloween!

dAwN said...

I love that bike trail will have to explore the places you went..