Saturday, October 24, 2009

Celebrating Christopher's 29th birthday at Koto's

Christopher's 29th birthday is today. It is hard to believe that 29 years ago I was having my first child. Where on earth did the time go??? We took him out for a nice dinner at a local Japanese restaurant. Joe, myself, my mom and dad celebrated with him.

Dad, Chris and Chick

Me and Joe

Chicka's Tempura

Joe and my California and sweet potato rolls.

We also shared an angel roll and edamame

Brutus look alike. Chris had to take the photo.. LOL

Chris got surprised by a birthday dessert and song from the wait staff..

Chris sporting his new shaven head look.

Yum! I think it was fried ice cream.

I didn't get pops beef dish or our dessert. Joe and I shared fried cheesecake..


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by tink59



dAwN said...

Oh Darn..I missed another yummy meal! Happy birthday to Chris..
I will go over to facebook and message him there..

beachgrl said...

Oh yummy!

Adele said...

Well taht looks fun ad yummy. Why did Chris shave his head.

CatHerder said...

awwww Happy Birthday to your son! Hubby and I waited 10 yrs to have our first would be almost 29 by now too!! Where DOES the time go!!??

Finnish Princess said...

That looks sooooo delicious!!! I love sushi - yummy - makes me want to order some tonight! You look great too - bet you had a fun time!