Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Walk to the Point July 5, 2009

We took a lovely walk to the point after celebrating the fourth at my sicksta Lori's house.. First we walked the path through the woods where we came upon a chicken of the woods mushroom that is edible. Sicksta Dawn was telling us a bit about it and how she prepares it.

Then we hung out and ate our lunch and then relaxed on the beach. I was messing around with the timer and tried to find a good spot to put the camera to get a good shot of all of us..


dAwN said...

hee hee..i am watching that video ..and u asking everyone else what they think and no one like that video..
and the fun..must go back and look at the shroom.

Tink said...

Yes, that's the story of my life. They in their own little worlds.. LOL I guess I will have to speak up next time..

Adele said...

That was fun. Good job. I can't believe how big that mushroom was.