Sunday, July 19, 2009

July 18, 2009 fun and Fireworks in East Lyme

Hanging out at the beach.

Dawn brought some yummy dried Dragon Fruit and Barb found a heart shape in hers.

Walking to Main street to hang out, eat and check out the vendors.

After spending time on Main Street we walked to Crescent Beach to watch the fireworks. They were awesome and we had a great time..

Julianna was quite relaxed and a bit sleepy as she watched the fireworks.

Dawn made some cool glowing jewelry.. She made quite the fashion statement.

Cute picture of my Joey.

The amazing fire pit that the guys offer fire wood to appease the fire pit God's. Our tummy's were grateful at the yummy Smores we had that night..

Gorgeous ladies..

Gettin jiggy wit it..

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July 18, 2009 East Lyme


Chicky said...

The fireworks came out fantastic. And, the dancing was something else! You do a good job Tink,

Char said...

well the sickstas know how to party...I was hoping to see your table dance?

Adele said...

Well maybe i have not posted a comment cause I can't hear the videos so it pisses me off. But I did enjoy the photos and your effort cause I especially love to see the videos and I really wanted to HEAR the fireworks. OH well.

dAwN said... fun fun...the fireworks vid came out nice..
and the dancing..good thing its on the dark side..LOL
Great pics