Thursday, July 9, 2009

Ferry trip to Long Island July 6, 2009

I had a nice time taking the ferry with my family this past Monday. Our ferry took off around 9 am to Long Island. We shopped a little, had lunch, shopped a little more and then had some ice cream before heading back home. Wish we could have stayed longer. Maybe next time. Thanks for the trip John!

We are off!

Star was not too happy about the ferry ride.

Nice lighthouses

Cool clouds in the sky

Gorgeous chandeliers in one of the shops in town

We found a giant seagull..

Taking a break for ice cream before heading back

Going home on the ferry

Video clip


dAwN said...

Well u got better photos then i did of this clouds are cool..I took them but mine did not look so should do skywatch with them.
i also didnt get good lighthouse pictures like you did..
and my inside of the store came out crappy too.
good thing u were there to get good pics so everyone could see.

Adele said...

yes all the pictures were cool. I loved the candeliers in the store. Plus all the other stuff. I don't think I saw this one. I might have been confused with nobs blog about the ferry cause it didn't look familiar and I have not seen the video yet cause i still have the tv on

Adele said...

Well I went back again and STILL can not hear the video. Poopy. BLUE I noticed the blue again saturated blue through all the pictures. Blue sky, blue water, blue mudder ha. Thanks Tinky.