Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Fourth Of July 2009 in Niantic at my sicksta Lori and her hubby's house

We had a wonderful Fourth of July spent at my sister and her hubby's house in Niantic. We started the afternoon with a bike ride around the beach area. Then we met up with my sister and the other beach goers for a picnic at her house. The afternoon was filled with fun, food and family, while the night was filled with dancing, sparklers and more fun. What an awesome day! Thanks for the memories my wild and crazy family.

Taking a break to enjoy the view on one of our bike stops along the shore.

Daytime fun.


Yummy cake Lori made for her honeys birthday. It was delish!

Mother shucker video. Proceed with caution!

Day and night time fun.

Night time fun!

Sparkler dancing!

Gettin jiggy wit it!

I had to get my yearly table dance in too. Yup we got video and pictures but it's in my private vault.. I would show you been then I would have to shoot ya.. LOL

More pictures on my webshots.

Fourth Of July 2009


Adele said...

Aren't going to share the tables dance with all the minions huh. Oh well its there loss. Just like to add that it worth hacking into that private vault. HHAHAHAH. I checked out your webshots last night while I was bored. It sure was fun. I felt like I was there with ya'll ha.

Tink said...

Cheater! A good thing you dont have a key to my vault.. LOL

dAwN said...

Ha..silly sickstas..
had fun time..
poor jeffy he wanted to dance!

Tink said...

I know poor Jeffy. He would be right up there sparkler dancing with the rest of us foos..