Friday, June 19, 2009

My trip to New York with my highschool buds.

I went to New York with Joanne, one of my best friends in high school. We met up with Carol who was another friend from school that was visiting family in that area and she lives in Florida. We recently got in contact again with her and other friends from back in the day on Facebook. The day in New York went by so fast. We spent most of our time shopping in the whole sale district eating and doing lots of walking which I loved.. We had perfect weather. Not to hot or too cold..

Joanne and I started out on the train ready to meet up with Carol and take a bite out of the Big Apple..

We met up with Carol at Grand Central Station for a bit of breakfast and chit chat..

We walked the streets.

We ate along the way..

Turkey Burger. That sucker was HUGE!

Corned Beef that could have made ten sandwiches.

Chopped liver. It was Yummy and again could have made tons of sandwiches.

We did more walking and found places to rest along the way. There were lots of lawn chairs along the street for passerby's to sit on.. There were sections of different colors of chairs. We found the whole thing pretty cool and took advantage of resting our feet..

Joanne made friend with a New York Yankees rat.. LOL

This was one restaurant we were NOT going to eat at. ha ha

We had a fantabulous time and I took a little video to capture some of our day. I should have taken a food video.. Next time... Hopefully we can do this again. It was sooooo much fun..

The Big Apple June 2009


Adele said...

OH I LOVE NEW YORK! Wish I could have been there with you. Do you remember our trips to China Town and all the crazy stuff we used to buy?

dAwN said...

That sandwich is sick! Sick..
Looks like a fun fun time..and I will go with you next time and take you to a few places to eat that will blow your mind..
lets go lets go;;

Adele said...

You need to go Live. Caravan of Dreams ring any bells? The sickstas have got to experence that. Cha Cha would love it also.

CatHerder said...

great like 15 minutes away from the city by train...and i NEVER go....occasionally to Carmines, and thats it..i should make a trip this summer!

Tink said...

catherder you are so lucky. I would take advantage of visiting. It's so much fun!

Della do what are you talking about with the Caravan of dreams? Tell me about it?

Nob that sounds like fun..

apoorva said...
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