Sunday, June 28, 2009

Garden and Pugs June 27, 2009

Joe and I were puttering around in the yard yesterday so I decided to take some pictures. We have not had many sunny days lately. The past few weeks have been mostly drizzly, damp with occasional sunshine. The slugs are in full force. My plants need sun and I don't see a lot in the forecast. Anyhoo.... Here is our back yard late June 2009.

Garden video 1

Garden video 2

Garden video 3

Ping and Zoe


The Blessed Bryants said...

Your yard looks absolutely beautiful!! Even without the sunshine! :-) It rained here for about 2 weeks straight and we FINALLY have had sun for a while. Loving these pretty days. Hope you get some pretty ones soon!

Tink said...

Thanks Missy! I hope we get some great weather here soon. I'm glad your getting some pretty ones..

Adele said...

Oh that was so much fun Tinky. I might just make some videos tomorrow. Though it is not lush here with no rain in three weeks our grass that was finally green this year is now toast. Oh well. Those two products that Joey is using should work well. Though check the label on the deer repellent. I think you will find that you have to respray every time it rains. I think though after a time the deer will just stay away from it. Keep um coming.

dAwN said...

Oh ..i love the flowers and you pictures are great! did u get the new camera?
the pups are cute as always..
hope to see u and the garden soon.

Tink said...

Del...Luckily we only have the three trees below that we have to worry about the deer eating. I don't think they like the veggies we planted. The lettuce is above the fence. I'll have Joe check the bottle..

Nob.. It's the same camera. I love the pictures it takes and the videos. That's why I know I will love the new camera because it has added features and a zoom.