Monday, June 15, 2009

Juliana's Birthday June 2009

The family celebrated Juliana's birthday at her grandparents, the Diloretos house. The weather turned out to be nice and it was a great day had by all. I overate chips and sweets as usual. Tara made some mean rice krispy treats that we dug into shortly after cake..

To see more birthday pictures check out my slideshow below and for the full size pictures click on the thumbnail picture below.
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by tink59

Juliana's birthday June 2009

Here is a little video that Joe took.


dAwN said...

Awe,,it was nice seeing everyone at the picnic..since i wasnt there..thanks for taking the photos..and video..
that was go on a diet..tee hee

Adele said...

Well you are getting very clever with your blogs you sicksta you. Loved it all thanks for taking me there. Here is a big KISS to show you how much I appreciate it. MUUUUAAAAHHHHH

Chicky said...

Well your pictures came out far better than mine. You will have to give me pointers.