Sunday, June 7, 2009

My Pugs, yard and garden in early June 2009

I took some pictures yesterday of what my yard looks like in early June. by the end of the month the flowers will be nice and full. We are going to get our pond plants this week.

Ping chillen outside.

The many goofy faces of Zoe

I was given this at one of my dinners I worked at this year by a little boy that I used to watch in daycare.

The blueberry bush frame and netting Joe made to keep the birdies out.


Adele said...

Everything looks BEAUT-E-FUL. That Zoey...what a crackpot she is. I just want to pinch those silly cheeks.

dAwN said...

garden looks sooo nice..I want to sit there and look and take pictures of the birds when I get there...
and maybe get a silly pup face photo.