Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Eve 2009

Crazy Christmas Eve at the Berg's house...

Christmas love is in the air with BIL BFF'S.

3 Dogs a begging.

1 Dog attacking a present.. Go Jackie go!!

Chick, Pops and Star

The appetizers.

Seany boy.

Fun conversation.

Presents to open.

We even had one of Santa's reindeer.

All and all we had another great Christmas Eve even though some of our usual family attendants were not there.. My middle son Patrick that came later that night and my sister Dawn and her family were out of town this Christmas.. Check out all the other pictures and crazy video below..

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by tink59



dAwN said...

Looks like a fun time as always! The pups had fun too i see...

Adele said...

we are crazy...are we not? ha...WHO KNOWS HOW TO HAVE FUN??? we do we do HA

CatHerder said...

great pics...i WANT that hat!!! :-)